Double trailer combination on test in Spain

November 19 2018

For some countries, a long and heavy vehicle combination of 25,25 metres causes a lot of discussion, but in Spain car maker Seat has a go on a double trailer combination which commutes between Zaragoza and Martorell.

In the upcoming months, Seat is allowed to test the double trailer combination. It is 32 metres long and it has a carrying capacity of 70 tonnes. Two regular 13,60 metre trailers are coupled by a two axle dolly. All is being pulled by a Scania V8, also part of the VW Group these days.

Seat expects to reduce CO2 output with this juggernaut by 20%, a similar reduction of fuel consumption is expected, compared to two normal combinations. Seat intends to reduce the number of trucks on the road while at the same time improving efficiency.

Bron: Big Truck Magazine